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Acts Of Kindness Giveaway

Send  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a short story, picture or a short video –of any act of kindness you had done, witnessed or know of in  Sault Ste. Marie  and the surrounding are or done by someone from here?  ( Till December 31 2013) I will donate 1$ for each submission to a charity chosen by SooGuiders


And The Stories:

  1. Barbara CarelloWhile shopping in the grocery store, a woman in front of me did not have enough change for her purchase, so I offered it to her - it was a good feeling to help out someone in need.

  2. CC Communications and Photography:One day while visiting the Tim Hortins on Bay Street - I had decided to go through drive-thru and was met with a huge line up of cars waiting to proceed through. One young lady waved me to go in front of her vehicle in line. I asked the woman at the window what she had ordered and paid for her coffee as a thanks for letting me in front of her : )

  3. Diane Marie Harrison:Hi, my name is Diane and i go to Northland Adult Learning Center, my act of kindness has been holding the door for someone     who needed it the most whether it was someone with a stroller or an elderly. 

  4. Ken Maclean:Yesterday I picked up a truckers log books off the road at black dirt and Mcnabb st.I took it to the petro pass there and the cashier and myself found the drivers home number and the wife cslled the trucker to pick up his books.

  5. Peggy Shaganash:My act of kindness is donating to Christmas Cheer and donating my daughter's toddler bed to Needing families in Sault on FB.

  6. Paulie Pulice:here is my act of kindness - My name is Paulie and I go to Northland Adult Learning Centre - my submission is - I gave to Christmas Cheer so that kids would have a gift to open on Christmas Day

  7. Barb Ripplinger I have helped a young girl who is crippled, and walks with a walker,, , she had nowhere to go so she is now with me, and will be with me for Christmas.

  8. Gave $5 to the man at Bay and Gore St who "washes Windows"

  9. George Comely Helped send out receipts for donations to ARCH today

  10. Ruth Dear Helped with the Church Christmas Party setting up tables and cleaning up after party on Sunday Dec. 8th, 2013.

  11. Wendy Meraglia bathed my dog yesterday and gave him a sweater because he was cold.

  12. Mario Avati Boosted a lady's car on saturday

  13. Patti Disano Gave a stranded lady a ride who needed a ride to the bus terminal from the west end last week

  14. Harry Linley cleaned off car for a lady

  15. Barb Tull: I helped a man get on his feet while looking desperately for a  job.. I searched the web, found something that looked promising and he got the job.. He stayed with me for a bit during the interview process and he now on his way to a successful new path in his life  :)  I will miss him but  happy he is on is way up in this hard to survive world we live him  :)

  16. Karri D'Ettorr: I had just dropped my daughter off at her Italian classes and went to Tim Hortons on John street.  I was not having a good morning as the line up was into the street as well as on coming traffic. It was complicated to get into the drive thru. Finally as the cars began to move I noticed a gentleman waiting to get into the drive thru line as well. As bad as my morning had went I let him in line cause I felt he was there before me anyway that's just how I am, so I waved him in. When it was my turn to get to the window the girls had told me the gentlemen had paid for my coffee! It turned my whole morning around and uplifted my faith in humanity. There are still nice people out there. As I started to exit the drive thru I noticed his car at the lights by RJ's. So I rolled down my window and beeped my horn and waved a jolly Thank you! He noticed and I seen a long friendly arm reach out the window and wave back at me!!! If he reads this just want him to know i was very thankful!
  17. Dianne Demenezes: My hubby is from the Soo (We currently live outside of Toronto)and we r coming in to town for the holidays this year....we are going to volunteer at North 82 on Christmas Day serving lunch to ppl who are in need.

  18. Karen Cormier Writes:   Hi Eva,

I just wanted to contribute to your Act of Kindness stories with my submission.  I think you are doing your own act of kindness by donating money to a charity for each submission your readers make.  Good on you!  My act of kindness involved my children.  A couple of years ago we had a garage sale and my children wanted to help out.  We decided to have a lemonade and bake stand to raise money for charity.  Both children helped with the baking and made all the sales.  We decided to give the money to ARCH.  I brought both of them to ARCH and they presented the staff with a cheque for the total sales of the baking and lemonade stand.  At that time they were the youngest fundraisers to donate to ARCH.  I try and teach them to think of others and that not everyone is as fortunate as they are. Hopefully, they will become upstanding members of the community and be kind to others.

 19 Linell Lillie

The most amazing thing happened tonight. Just thought I would share. We took my Godson out to buy him a Christmas present . He has Cerebral Palsy and is in a wheelchair. We took him to MacDonald's for super and a young man about 18 years old insisted on paying for his and our food. Made my heart feel so good. Nice to see their is still good caring people in this world. Merry Christmas young man. Hope Santa is good to you. You certainly made my day!!!!!


Patrick D. Francesco My Act of Kindness - The other day I helped an older lady put her heavy groceries on the conveyer belt at the grocery store. She was shopping for her Christmas dinner - Pat Deluca


Laura Hhd I gave a ride to a elder becouse she was having a hard time walking and was trying to cross a busy intersection.








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