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Fox in the Sault April 23 2014

Beautiful day today. A little windy but sunny and clear!

I visited the Fox Den besides Wal-Mart (Station Mall on the other side behind the train tracks and fence)
Fox cubs are normally born in March and at 3 - 4 weeks old will wander outside their earth (den) during the day. The mother is not usually far away and keeps an eye on the cubs, but will not approach them if people are around. Fox cubs are always best left where they are. They have a far better chance of survival in the wild and should only be taken into captivity as a last resort.
There are at least 3 cubs and they can be seen playing in the sun. Mother Fox is watching them very closely and was watching me taking the pictures as you can see. Also at one point got one of the cubs that ventured far and brought him back to the den.

People were out fishing and there was a big boat docked at the Pavilion.

I also took a picture of this THING, but I do not know what it is right on the board walk.

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