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Graffiti / Wall Art in the Sault Featured

Graffiti: Street Art – or Crime? Vandalism Or Expression?

There are many opinions.

I think there are beautiful, meaningful works of artist that do not classify as vandalism. Rather, people should cherish graffiti as an art form of its own—a medium accessible to the common man that can convey deep meaning. Bright, meaningful graffiti livens up any street on a cloudy day.

However, it is true that much of the graffiti on our city streets is ugly and vulgar vandalism. People should not scrawl inappropriate, meaningless, or unsightly messages that stain the atmosphere of a place—yet people should not let those ugly crimes destroy our appreciation for truly meaningful, beautiful forms of street art.

Perhaps government agencies could allow artists to create pre-approved spray-paint murals. Graffiti can be a constructive, beautiful, and powerful art form.

Sault Ste. Marie is considering a Graffiti hotspot do you think that is a good idea?

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