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Egg Carton Flowers

Cut an egg carton into individual cups. Each cup will make one flower. Cut around the edge of each cut to form the flower's petals. These can be any shape you like. You can cut pointy petals to look like a tulip, you can cut rounded petals, or chose any other shape you like. Experiment and have fun.

Once all of your flowers are cut, paint them as desired. You can use coloured styrofoam egg cartons so you do not even have to paint them. If you use a styrofoam egg carton, the paint will not stick as well so you might want to consider leaving them unpainted.

While you wait for the paint on the egg carton cups to dry, paint both sides of your your craft sticks green; paint as many sticks as you have flowers. Let the paint dry.

Once the paint is dry, put a dab on the back (bottom side) of the egg carton cup and glue the flower to the top of one of the craft stick. Your flower is now on a stem. You can then cut leaf shapes out of green craft foam (you can also use felt) and glue them onto the craft stick stems.

Embellish the flowers further by using pieces of chenille stems to make a stamen. Cut pieces to 1- or 2-inches and glue them standing up in the center, you can roll a piece into a spiral shape and glue it flat in the center of the flower, or experiment with other shapes and sizes. You can also experiment with different craft supplies.

Once all of your flowers are made and the paint and glue is dried, gather them together as a bouquet and present them to someone special. You can also display them in a small vase, jar, or even in a terra cotta pot.

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