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Breast Cancer: What's Your Risk?

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Calculate Your Blood Alcohol Content

Calories Burned During Exercise

Use this calculator to see how many calories you burn up while doing a variety of physical activities, from working around the house to exercising.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cholesterol Quiz

Diabetes Risk Assessment

Figure Out Your Due Date

Home canning - prepare it safely:

Issue Home canning is a popular and safe way to preserve food for later use. Jams, pickles, soups, sauces, meat and seafood are frequently canned in glass jars. If home canned foods are not properly prepared, they can cause serious illness such as botuli ...


How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation per Wikipedia, is the driving force that causes the flux from desire to will in life. For example, hunger is a motivation that elicits a desire to eat. Motivation has been shown to have roots in physiological, behavioral, cognitive, and soc ...


Keep your breakfast cereal healthy

By Mayo Clinic Staff Dry cereal can be a good option for breakfast, at home or on the go. If you make healthy choices, that is. Three key features to consider are fiber, calories and sugar. Choose cereal that has at least 3 grams of fiber a serving, but ...

Labelling of Organic Products

What organic claims are permitted? Only products with organic content that is greater than or equal to 95% may be labelled as: "Organic" or bear the "organic" logo. These products must be certified and the name of the Certification Body must appear on th ...

Managing Stress (with Audio Instructions)

Napping Benefits and Tips

Napping Home >> Sleep Topics >> Napping More than 85% of mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers, meaning that they sleep for short periods throughout the day. Humans are part of the minority of monophasic sleepers, meaning that our days are divided i ...

Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment

Sleep and Sleep Disorders

Stroke Risk Calculator

Vision Care For Students By Dr. Kathleen Rossi

It’s that time of year again! Whether your children are starting kindergarten or finishing high school, it is important to make sure their eyes are up to the challenge. That is why the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) recommends yearly eye exami ...


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