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Easter Games: Fun Easter Apps for 2014

If you are looking to pass the time on a roadtrip or just to entertain kids over for the holidays Easter games and Easter iPad apps are a great way to add to their regular collection of toys and the Chocolate.

Here are some:

Easter Egg Match: Easter Egg Match is free, but there is a 99 cent in app purchase that unlocks a relaxed mode. For users that want a fun Easter game with a matching component, check out Easter Egg Match Free. This is a sliding puzzle game similar to Candy Crush, but with Easter eggs. Slide eggs up, down, left or right to match three or more eggs and clear them off the board. For kids this may be a better option that Candy Crush, which puts road blocks in the way to get users to spend money on in-app purchases. This game offers a similar experience, but with Easter eggs.

Angry Birds Seasons: Angry Birds Seasons is a fun game that takes the Angry Birds style of gameplay and adds a seasonal element. Angry Birds is a game where users must fling birds at a structure to destroy the buildings and ultimately the pigs that took their eggs.
Angry Birds Seasons includes an Easter level in Season One. This section includes 15+ levels, but that’s not all that the game offers. There are many seasons and levels in this app, to cover major and minor holidays. In the Angry Birds Easter levels users must get their Easter eggs back.Angry Birds Seasons is 99 cents in the app store and there are in app purchases from 99 cents to $9.99. The game includes flinging birds, but there is no real violence in the game. This works on iPhone and iPad.

Educational Easter Games for Kids: This collection of fun and educational Easter Games for kids includes a collection of simple games for kids that cover four games. Kids can play alone or with someone else. There are four games including;
TICTACTOE: You can play against your device or against a friend
THIMBLERIG: Find the Ladybug with the blue Trowser
WHACK-A-MOLE: You have to tap the animals as they pop up – but make sure you get the right ones!
BUNNY SAYS: Just like the classic ‘Simon Says’ game, animals make sounds and your child has to repeat them in the same order. This app does not include any links to external sites, no ads and no in app purchases. Fun & Educational Easter Games for Kids is 99 cents and works on the iPhone and iPad.

Kung Fu Rabbit:
Kung Fu Rabbit isn’t an Easter game by design, but it includes a cute, kung fu rabbit that can save the temple of rabbits from destruction. Gamers can play this on the iPhone and iPad and the app is AirPlay compatible so that you can play it on a TV that is connected to an Apple TV.
There are 70 levels in normal and hard mode that should deliver hours of gameplay. There are also 15 unlockable items to customize your Kung Fu Rabbit. Kung Fu Rabbit is $2.99 and includes in-app purchases for carrots, which range from 99 cents to $9. The game includes some violence, but it is mainly cartoon with a rating of 9 years old or older.

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