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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Teenagers

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

Have a glow in the dark egg hunt. Use glow in the dark paint on your eggs or stick a glow stick in a plastic egg and have a nighttime hunt.

You can purchase glow in the dark paint from most craft stores. You can also buy glow powder. Paint or dust your eggs so they will glow at night. Then hunt and hide your eggs in the dark. Check the labels on the paint or powder to see if they are toxic before you eat the eggs.

If you decide to use glow sticks, you can usually find some at a dollar store. Find ones that are bendable so that they can be shaped to fit inside of a plastic egg. Depending on the size of the glow stick, you may need to have larger plastic eggs so that it will fit easier.

You can also crack open a glow stick and pour the liquid into a plastic egg. Just make sure it is non-toxic. Some plastic eggs have holes in them, so check before you pour the glow liquid in.

You can have the glow in the dark egg hunt inside or outside. Just wait for dark, or flip off the lights. The egg hunt fun will be glowingly good.

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