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Sault Christmas Cruise by Randy Russell Part One Featured

HI Eva… Here are some pics and a story about my tour this evening.

We begin our adventure of The Sault Christmas Cruise in our city's east end. My wife and I came from Heyden to look at the Christmas lights of town as we have done for years now. We cruised down Frontenac Street, eyes scanning the houses, looking for our first display. We came upon the Brush Residence @ 760 Frontenac, in all its Christmas glory. Lit up from peak to street. We then moved on to Joel Court and the Nebesniuk Family. While still putting on some finishing touches, the rest of the show was lit up and looked great. To wrap up the east end tour we stopped on Shannon Rd near Capp Street, This animated display connects three homes with flashing and twinkling lights and the sound of Christmas Music playing softly. This stop definitely begs for you to get out of your vehicle and take a short walk along the three homes and really take it all in.

We moved towards the downtown to come across one of our yearly favorites on Simpson St. Right down near Queen St, this animated light show, with music transmitted to your car radio, has transformed over the last couple of years. This year it includes a very Jolly Santa in a window, broadcast via a TV monitor, and an LED Sign on the roof top. Rock on to a B-52’s remake or a modern take on “Comfort and Joy”. There are many different songs to listen to.

On to the Hilltop where we found the Mellea Residence @ 702 Wilson Street (See Pic). This imaginative display is sure to capture the hearts of both young and old. From traditional Christmas Icons like Santa and Rudolph to Lighting McQueen and Snoopy on his dog house. Every inch of this residence is covered with lights and sights to see.

Christmas music blaring, we blasted out to the west end of town with a couple of surprises along the way. We found a quaint display at 337 North Street and another a 300 Farewell Terr. (See Pic) While on the move to find more displays we also found a great display at 139 Rossmore Rd (See Pic). Now we are really getting into the spirit. We are excited to keep moving along and finding more best kept secrets. We came across the neighbourhood at Nichol Ave and Sussex. Many homes dot the neighbourhood with lights of green and red and blue. After that was a new one we had never seen before at the corner of Rushmere and Pretoria Hill (see Pic) this display catches your eye from down the street and around the corner. Further down the road on Second Line just past Allen Side Road we saw a huge home lit up in Christmas colour. Finally, to wrap up our three hour tour we got to see the homes of two neighbours who are keeping it classy and simple with crisp white lights outlining their homes and yards.
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