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April Fools Day

April Fool IPhone Pranks

1.Switch your friend's cell phone background image to a photo of cracked glass. 2. Tape the Phone on the bottom of his/her chair and call ...

April Fools Day Pranks For the Kids

1. Food coloring or syrup in the soap dispenser would be nice…hmmmm 2. All the kids clean underwear on the ceiling fan… 3. A little frosting in their toothpaste. 4. Switch out their favorite drink for pickle juice. Yum! 5. Switch out the ...

April Fools' Day Prank For Kids

1. Rainbow Cereal. Put a couple drops of food coloring in a cereal bowl and let it dry. Pour in some cereal and help your kids pour in the milk. When they stir their cereal the milk will change color. Fun! 2. Broken Shampoo Bottles. Unscrew the cap of ...

April Fool’s Day Pranks for the Whole Family! FIVE

Try it at your own risk. 1. Put a soft Hair Brush under the fitted Sheet bristles up. (Sure to think there is an animal) I did this for my teen kids... 2. Vaseline on the door handle. My Kids did this to me... 3.Stretch and Seal on the Toilet Seat ...

Blue Teeth

Blue teeth/ numb mouth- put a small drop of food coloring in center of toothbrush. Make sure to use the same color as the bristles.

Brown E-s Brownies

Tell your kids you’ve baked them a pan of brownies.

Colour the cereal

Squeeze a few drops of dye into the bottom of your kid’s bowl, then cover it with cereal. When your kid pours the milk it will change colors as it rises to the top.

Frozen Cereal

Freeze your kid’s favorite cereal and milk. Watch them as they attempt to eat it.

Mashed potato sundae

Act like the coolest parent ever and tell your kids you’ll be serving sundaes for dinner, that way when they realize their sundae is actually mashed potatoes and gravy, it can be their dinner.

Nail polish spill

Fingernail polish spill- take a piece of wax paper and a bottle of fingernail polish that you don't mind ruining. Spill out contents onto paper, let dry, peel paper off, and leave on victim's clothing or an important document. You may want to do this one ...

Office Pranks

1. Change your outgoing voicemail message to "Hello? … Hello? … April Fools!" 2. Post a sign on the office copy machine that says, "This copier is now voice-activated 3. Take a screenshot of your coworker's computer desktop, and set it as the background ...

Put a few dye pellets under the cap of your faucet

Unscrew the cap to the faucet, put a pellet from an Easter egg kit under it, then screw the cap back on. This will make colored water come out of the faucet.

Safe Pranks  for April Fools Day

Crazy Breakfast: A food trick, crazy breakfast - frozen milk, vinegar for apple juice, string in the apple sauce, mayonnaise for yogurt, salt in the sugar bowl... it's a sure way to start a crazy day. Greasy Slippery Handles Grease up door handles ...

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