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April Fools Day Pranks For the Kids

1. Food coloring or syrup in the soap dispenser would be nice…hmmmm

2. All the kids clean underwear on the ceiling fan…

3. A little frosting in their toothpaste.

4. Switch out their favorite drink for pickle juice. Yum!

5. Switch out the bottle of blue Windex (cleaned really well), for blue GatorAid. Giving my mouth a few sprays, while they help me clean up. Make re the kids are old enough for this.

6. Mouse poop in their beds! (A.K.A. dry rice painted black) “I told you to stop eating in your bed! Now, look! You’ve got mice!”

7. How about a little treat? Oreos and milk….or really Oreo’s with toothpaste filling. Ick!

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