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April Fools' Day Prank For Kids

1. Rainbow Cereal. Put a couple drops of food coloring in a cereal bowl and let it dry. Pour in some cereal and help your kids pour in the milk. When they stir their cereal the milk will change color. Fun!

2. Broken Shampoo Bottles. Unscrew the cap of a shampoo or conditioner bottle and place a small piece of plastic wrap on the opening. Place the cap back on. The next shower victim will be totally confused at why he or she cannot get any shampoo out!

3. Jello Juice. Make some jello and allow it to set in a drinking glass. Place it at the table for your child to “drink” with breakfast or lunch. He or she gets a laugh out of it and some jello. :-)

4. Super Soaker. If you have a sprayer on your sink, wrap a rubber band around the nozzle and the handle (make sure the water is off) and make sure it’s facing the front of the sink. The next unsuspecting person to turn on the water will get a blast of water! Not a good one to do right before school or work, but great for when you’ll have some time to clean up some water (and maybe have a water fight!)

5. Spilled Milk. Make your own fake spill with some glue and plastic wrap, and set it up somewhere for your kids (or Mom or Dad) to find.

6. Good morning! This is a silly one and works if you can get your kids to nap. Have your kids get into their PJs and take a nap. When they’re sleeping change the clocks to say the time that they usually wake up and put on your PJs or robe. When they wake up, make breakfast, and pretend it’s the morning!

7. Silly Socks. When your child isn’t around, go into his or her sock drawer and safety pin together a bunch of his or her socks. This works best if you pin the socks together at the ends. When your child pulls out socks in the morning, they’ll just keeping coming out of the drawer!

8. No Fork for You! When your family is sitting down to dinner, tell them that the dishwasher malfunctioned and all your silverware was ruined and you had to throw them all out. Keep a straight face as you tell them you won’t be able to get new silverware until next weekend and everyone will have to eat with their hands until then. Especially funny if you serve something like spaghetti!

9. Where am I?? This is great if your children are heavy sleepers. Once they’ve fallen asleep, carefully pick them up and place them in their sibling’s bed. Be sure to be in the room when they wake up!

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