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YesYouCan Employment

YesYouCan helps great business find great employees.
We support you to access a hidden labor pool of people with disabilities who are ready, fully able, committed and ready to increase your businesses bottom line!
The case for hiring people with disabilities is strong. Stats prove people with disabilities:
• Stay up to 3 times longer than their non-disabled coworkers
• Lower absenteeism
• Lower injury rates
• Higher levels of commitment
• Need we say more?
YesYouCan supports you to broaden your recruitment process to include applicants with disabilities to give you access to a wider pool of skilled and talented individuals.

If you are an employer looking to hire, we can help. We don’t just pre-screen our candidates. We get to know the candidate, their strengths and best fit for jobs before we introduce to you. We’re in business to help your business … and we’re great at what we do! Call us to support your business – oh did we mention we’re FREE!

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137 Andrew St, Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada, P6B 4T5