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Employment Solutions

Our Information Centre offers:
-information on all of the resources, programs and services available through us and in your community
-access to e-mail and/or voice mail boxes, computers, the internet, fax and photocopy equipment to support job search
-information on local, provincial and national labour markets, including such things as job postings, occupational, regulatory and training requirements, emerging and declining sectors
-opportunities for individuals and employers to meet through such things as workshops and job fairs
-outreach to the community by providing information and workshop sessions in other locations, such as schools, community centres, settlement organizations
-information on Employment Insurance-related programs
-information on apprenticeship in skilled trades

Our one-on-one job search service offers:
-exploration, identification and clarification of interests, abilities, skills, education and experience in relation to short and long term career and employment goals
-preparation of job search tools such as resumes and applications, interview and job search strategies, school and training records
-exploration of occupational and training requirements related to career and employment goals
-counselling and coaching in life skills that support successful employment
-support for disclosure of disabilities that may affect workplace participation
-support, mentoring and coaching during the job search process
-supported referral and access to other services including, but not limited to education and training

Our Job matching, placement and incentives offers:
-help in matching your skills and interests with work opportunities
-negotiating and developing opportunities with employer's on your behalf
-on-the-job training
-placement support in identifying and resolving workplace issues that may affect your success, and
-if necessary, financial support to help accommodate barriers to employment (some criteria for access applies)

Our Employer Services area offers:
-assistance with recruitment and hiring of qualified applicants
-support with training and coaching of new employees
-financial support to assist with training needs of workers
-information and referrals to various government grants and internships
-information regarding employment, workplace safety standards for employers

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