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Black Dragon Martial Arts

Improve your self-confidence, self-discipline, and physical conditioning as you train in Tae Kwon Do, the art of hand and foot. Each class features strengthening and stretching exercises, basic drills, forms (hyung), and practical, situational self-defense techniques.

As a beginning student, you'll learn the basic martial art stances, blocks, kicks, and punches. During your first few weeks of training, you'll also learn basic Korean terminology and the movements of the first form in preparation for the Yellow Belt examination.

As your skill level increases over time, there will be additional opportunities for testing and further advancement. Intermediate students will be taught sparring drills and more advanced forms, while advanced practitioners are introduced to martial art weapons such as the staff, Korean sword, and Nunchuka.

Training is both "martial" and "art" — it is a journey that can bring a sense of balance into your life. During your training, you'll learn valuable self-protection skills and discover a new vehicle for artistic self-expression. And along the way, you'll unlock the potential that lies within you.

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2 Ice Circle Dr, Sault Ste Marie, MI, USA, 49783