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Indian Friendship Centre

About the Centre

The Indian Friendship Centre in Sault Ste. Marie (IFC) was incorporated on March 30, 1972 and became a member of the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (OFIFC) on February 25, 1973.

The need to expand the IFC building, which was occupied since 1995, due to increases in programs and services to a growing urban population, led to the addition of the newly constructed hall on June 16, 2003. Today, the IFC has four locations in Sault Ste Marie: 122 East Street, 268 Wellington Street W, 376-378 Queen Street, and 188 Kohler Street.

All staff full and part time actively participates on internal committees, while the majority of staff serve on external job-related boards and committees, locally and provincially. As well, some have chosen to volunteer their personal time for other endeavours in the area.

Aims and Objectives
◦To provide a medium for the meeting of Indian and non-Indian people and the development of mutual understanding through common activities;
◦To stimulate and assist Indian self-expression and the development of Indian leadership; and
◦To assist and encourage study of Indian needs as well as the planning of services with Indian people and both public and private agencies.


The IFC is guided by the teachings given by the creator to the Aboriginal people - these teachings will unite us in harmony as we build a strong, proud community for seven generations.
Programs and Services

Akwe:go, Alcohol and Drug, Alternative Secondary School, Apatisiwin, Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program, Combined Courtwork, Community Action Program for Children, Community Career Development, Community Mental Health, Community Wellness, Criminal Courtwork, Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth, Healthy Babies Healthy Children, Homelessness Partnering, Life Long Care, Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living, and Wasa-Nabin.

In addition, the IFC provides Crisis Intervention, Native Foster Care, Community Health Access Centre - N'Mminoeyaa, Diabetes Lay Educator, Niin Sakaan Literacy, Ojibway Language, and hosts many events throughout the year. For more information please visit the IFC website.

Listing Details

122 East Street, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie