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Reuse/ Re-Purpose / R - EVA -MP


Which ever side the exit sign is where the exit will be.

Use pop tabs as seen on the picture.

It can be hard to find polish for colorful shoes, so try finding a nail polish that matches instead. Use this polish to paint over scuffs and tears, but put the hue on your nail first to make sure it’s a close-enough match to your shoes.

Beer Wine and Liquor measurements.

We've all been there: You're at work and notice you have an unsightly run in your tights. To keep the tear from getting worse, keep a bottle of clear nail polish with you to paint over the tear. As it hardens, the polish will help stop the run in its trac ...

Use hair Clips. Great for the little ones to adjust their straps.

Hull strawberries easily using a straw.

Print the Label and put a piece ( or more) of Bubble Wrap in a Plastic Bag. And Here you have it... a funny GIFT When printing label: Save it and format it. I was able to put 4 on one page.

Toilet paper roll pinched on one side wrapped and topped with a bow. She will not be able to guess.

R-EVA-MP an unwanted t-shirt and turn the shirt into a re-usable tote bag. T-shirt straight pins Pencil or pen Plate or bowl Scissors Sewing machine or hand stitch Step 1 Cut and remove the sleeves, leave the seam in place Step 2 Trace the pl ...

If you drag frayed thread through a nail polish brush a few times, the polish will harden the thread and allow you to slip it right through a needle's eye with ease.

Glitter glue will make it special! Cute idea!

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