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Reuse/ Re-Purpose / R - EVA -MP


I use re-usable shopping bags as wrapping paper. My very favorite is Winners plain black with some nice bows. On the picture you see a Dollar Store Bag. Put a nice bow on it to dress it up. Man will like Home Depot bags but TJ Max has some pretty one ...

Tie a blanket around a table for a kid-sized hammock (but tie it tight!).

Comb is perfect for holding a nail in place. Save your hand. Very clever.

You need, some water, glue, borax, and food coloring is all you need. mix the glue, water, and food coloring in one bowl. in a separate bowl, mix hot water and borax. when you mix the two together, a magical thing happens – it turns into this smooth elast ...

You have to buy a new hose every couple of years year. Here is an idea to rEVAmp.

Cat between two lids.

I use the bread bag tab for this.

Use half a shell. Just insert in the crack and turn. It really works.

Press the Bottle as seen on the picture. Put the bottle on the egg yolk. Release the bottle and you will see the egg yolk will go inside the bottle.

Teach the kids to hold the juice box like this. They will not squeeze and spill.

Use staple remover, and Save Your Nails!

Use pool noodles under the sheets to prevent young children from rolling out of bed.

Keeps the Baby and their toys together.

Use spaghetti to reach, and not to burn yourself. Who knew?

You can warm up two things at once.

You can turn a Milk Jug into Watering Can just by poking holes on the cap.

This lovely ornamental mirror will brighten up any room. Frame a round mirror by attaching it to an elegant, decorative plate; then use sets of forks, spoons and knives to arrange a starburst pattern. After gluing it all together, add a border of pearl be ...

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