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Sault 24 Hour Auctions Popular

This is a local group, based in Sault-Ste-Marie, Ontario. In order to keep the pickup and delivery accessible and possible within a reasonable amount of time, we limit the membership of this group to residents of Sault Ont. Members that are not located directly within Sault Ont. may bid if they can pick up in a reasonable amount of time. We ask that only Sault Ont. members sell items as we have run into problems in the past with non-Sault Ont. members selling.

1. Bidding will begin immediately after you post a photo and takes place over a 24 hour period. If you posted at 11:20AM, bidding ends at 11:19:59 the following day.) ALL bids posted in the last eligible minute WILL count! If you would like to lower your starting bid, please wait for the full 24 hours to expire then you may re-post it at a lower starting bid.

1.a. Please bid on the individual photo that was posted first (earliest time posted), NOT the album itself. Any/all bids placed on albums are void & they WILL NOT COUNT.

1.b. If you have more than 15 photos, please create an album. When posting photos in an album, people using computers PLEASE "bump" the whole album, not individual pictures. This will keep the wall less cluttered.

1.c. If you require an item to be held for you until a later date OR if you require delivery, you must arrange this PRIOR TO BIDDING - through private messaging (PM). The seller may add a delivery fee for the to cost of gas & their time to bring it to you.

1.d. Please respect the minimum bid posted by the seller and increase the bids in a minimum of 50 cent increments. All bids must end in either .00 or .50 If you are unhappy with the minimum asking price, simply pass on the item. Do NOT ask a seller to lower or offer lower than their minimum bid! Do not comment where you can buy that item cheaper, as that is disrespectful to the seller.

1.e. Please remember when bidding, if someone else is bidding as well, and you have them blocked, neither of you will see the others bid! This can cause problems and is unfair if the seller has to re-post due do this. Please unblock the other to avoid conflicts in bidding.

1.f. SELLER: please add accurate information about your item to the post. Some examples :
- size, color, age of the item
- smoke free home
- whether you can deliver or if it's pick up only
- what area of town (West, East, Central)
- whether or not you charge an extra fee for delivery or if you will NOT HOLD an item.
- if you are having to re-list an item, simply putting "re-post" in the description is fine. Please refrain from including "buyer no show" or anything of that nature in your item description as it is not necessary.
- this group does not permit "RESERVE BIDS" - please make your opening bid at the lowest amount you are comfortable accepting for it

1.g. Please post any articles of clothing on the Clothing Only Auction Group.

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