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Prouse Advantage Card

Use your Prouse Advantage Card and be eligible to receive unique offerings from our approved Business Partners while you are at their establishments.
Become a cardholder and simply present your Prouse Advantage Card and you will obtain special rebates, discounts and promotions!
Visit our new website at and enter the Partners & Coupons section. There, you will see a list of our approved Business Partners and their unique offerings available to you as a cardholder. While you are there, review the “Refer a Friend Program” and learn how to gain valuable referral dollars when you have enrolled a friend or family member to your account. Once you have become a card holder, keep coming back to the Partners & Coupons section to see the dollars you have earned. Use the number on your Advantage card to access your account and see how much you have accumulated to spend here at the Dealership.

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