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DAD and Me Photo Contest June 2014

Armstrong, Todd and Mitchel “Daddy always makes it better”

Beauchamp, Lisa: "Someone I can always rely on"

Belsito, Valerie : "My amazing father"

Bugyra, Luke & Damian: "Daddy's biggest baseball fan"

Cistaro, Kristi Picture # 1 : "This is my dad, Joe Marinelli and me (Kristi). I think it is summer 1982 and we were either in Bruce Mines or boating in the north channel"

Cistaro, Kristi Picture # 2

Dupuis, Jacky: This is Paul Dupuis and Gloria Dupuis and they have just built a Lego eagle together!
Jackson, Sarah: Super Dad. Catching a mid-day nap amongst those sleepless nights. "This is one of my favourite photos ever. It's of my husband and our daughters, Harper & Lily. Please consider this a submission from them, as they are still too little to do so themselves. Their dad is the most loving and involved father, he would do anything for his little girls.

Jeff and Chantelle Rebbe Picture # 1 "These two lucky boys have the most amazing daddy a kid could ever ask for! "
Thank you for being our Hero and best friend

Jeff and Chantelle Rebbe Picture # 2
MacMillan Picture # 1
MacMillan Picture # 2:"If you sleep past 10am you're fair game!"
McKersie, Niki : "Dear Daddy,
I'm so lucky to be your baby. You make me smile and laugh, and when I cry you're hugs and kisses make me feel better. I hope I grow up to be just like you, because you're the best.

Mfiaschetti : Here is a picture of my sweetheart and our daughter Alayna! He is by far the best father a child could ever ask for and on top of being a awesome dad he is an amazing stepfather! You are one in a million million Kevin and I love you for it ♡"

Perreault, Kayla: "My Dad & I being silly... because that's what we do best!! Love him for his funny jokes, adventurous spirit & big heart "

Patrick, Sheila : '"At our camp on caribou lake."

Post, Teena: "Our Daddy is Amazing! He lives his life through our eye’s!!!"
Love Jesse and Zoe Post
Happy Fathers Day!!!!

Printess, Julie: "Here is a picture of my hubby and kids doing what they love most. Hanging out together and raising our flocks of birds. We have 11 all together and the kids love to help and play. My husband is a great dad whether it is teaching my oldest to cook for himself or helping my youngest learn to read. He is always there!"

Quinn, Sam "Hi there! I'm sending in a picture of me and my dad for your contest. My name is Sam Quinn, and my father is Graham Hirst. This photo is from seven years ago. Everyone always says I look like my dad, and I think you can really see it here. It's also amazing to have a picture of him and I where he isn't pulling faces, haha."

Rowlinson, Sara: "My children and their father sharing some time at Bellevue Park"
Sherrard, Sue

Strack, Tammy Picture 1 : " True Love "
Strack, Tammy Picture 2
Strack, Tammy Picture 3

Wallace, Thomas : "This was Shanny my daughter and I welcoming home our own gold medal Olympians. Im Thomas Wallace and Shannon is my daughter.

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