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Chocolate Balloon Bowls

Chocolate Bowls are a beautiful, delicious way to enjoy dessert! You can fill your chocolate bowls with whipped cream, mousse, ice cream, or even candy.
1. Melt the Candy Coating
2. Blow Up the Balloons (To the size of bowl desired)
3. Dip the Balloon in Chocolate
4. Place the Balloon On the Tray ( you can put a small amount of melted chocolate on the tray to stand the dipped balloon on, this will form a stand) and cool till hard.
5. Loosen the chocolate around the balloon
6. Make A Small Snip at the Top of the Balloon, or just pop with a pin.
7. Pull the Balloon from the Inside of the Chocolate Bowl
8. Fill

You can get really fancy and make baskets or use white chocolate too.

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